How To Get Instagram Likes, Learn This Here Now!

Launched in 2010 Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger which is now owned by Facebook. Instagram and other social media were once created for the sharing of good memories and fun experiences between the family and friends. In starting it was an app used for sharing pictures with friends and family with whom we didn’t have daily contact, but now as a proper and fast internet is reaching to every corner of the world people and especially teenagers have been using Instagram as a place to show off their perfect moments, which is making others teenagers on this platform think about values about their imperfect life. People are trying new ways to gain likes and followers, learn this here now!Instagram and other social media have a great impact on teenagers as they are very sensitive towards their likes, comments, or followers.

The red heart-Like

‘Likes’ or the red heart on Instagram is like a virtual appreciation for people, the more numbers you have in like the more proud you feel about yourself and nowadays youth are so addictive to it that they even use a different method to increase it weather it’s buying the likes or using certain apps to increase fake likes. But what happens when one does not receives a lot of likes, learn this here now? They tend to think that they are not good enough, attractive enough, or worthy enough to stay on social media and that’s when they start using different methods to buy insta followers. Likes are as addictive as drugs, one can relate with the feeling when posting something on social media, and getting likes and comments is like a virtual compliment to us which definitely gives us happiness but is also affecting us in negative ways.

Instagram Likes

The real likes on the way!

Having to present yourself in one way on social media, in another way with your family, and the third way with your friends makes it almost impossible to keep track of who you are behind the scenes when no one is looking. We should try not to get caught up in this fake reality that we present on Instagram and just be ourselves instead.

The world would be a better place without these Instagram and other social media platform as they are creating virtual or fake reality and people should find out who they are and live their true identity as these virtual compliments will only increase the differences between the people so rather complementing each other virtually go out there and appreciate each other in reality.