Ways to understand the purpose of flex impact kick rails

Flex Impact Kick Rails, wall surfaces and also skirting boards from collisions or accidents. They are created to secure developing assets from any type of effect that might take place reduced to the ground, like forklift point penetration. These safety obstacles can likewise serve as wheel overviews and also stoppers for pallet vehicles and carts. Like all Flex Impact products, these alternatives are exceptionally cost-efficient. They are incredibly valuable around any type of work environment, specifically when protecting beneficial tools. Flex Impact Kick Rails are built from impact immune polymer as well as preserve their form, appearance and features even after an accident. Three variations are available to suit varying demands– Kick, Kerb as well as Hexa. All our barriers can be integrated with Flex Impact systems for a complete safety and security solution. Flex Impact Kick Rails and Barriers are excellent for wall surfaces as well as kerbs.


Accidents with warehouse racking, wall surfaces, building infrastructure or useful tools can have substantial repercussions. Materials to deal with such damage can be costly. Flex Impact items make sure that such scenarios can be easily prevented. Attempt our Flex Impact Kick Rails, Wall and also Kerb Barrier. With three alternatives offered, these options will assist safeguard your facility. The Kick is especially developed to absorb impacts that occur low to the ground. The rectangular-shaped design is perfect for securing skirting boards and also walls from reduced impact accidents in high-traffic areas such as parking lot, construction structures as well as storehouses. The Flex Impact kick rail is very easy to install as well as is a cost-effective way to stop rolling supply from hitting machinery, individuals, saved goods or framework.

The Kerb resembles the Kick Rail alternative, yet with the included advantage of having the ability to attach to numerous Kerbs with each other, to offer continual protection. The Kerb is made of artificial product as well as is perfect for safeguarding walls and also skirting boards from scuffs as well as damages triggered by lorry accidents. This is a simple as well as cost-efficient way to safeguard high-traffic areas from reduced effect crashes. The Kerb is made for quick and very easy installment and can be extended as required. The Hexa is a hexagonal-shaped, artificial kick rail which is optimal for protecting wall surfaces and also skirting boards from accidents. The Hexa is a slightly bigger and also larger version of the Kick with a hexagonal design instead of rectangle-shaped. The Hexa is mounted low to the ground as well as provides excellent defense in rush hour areas such as warehouses and parking lot where there is a risk of automobiles harming walls.