Brownies- The blessing from chefs

It is undeniable that brownies are the most devoured and favored desserts of all time. Everyone, right from a kid to an older man, loves brownies. Some even use brownies as a coping mechanism if they have a mental breakdown. Brownies are famous in Singapore. Here we bring you some of the best brownies singapore.

  • Chalk Farm

This is one of the best areas in Singapore to get any dessert, especially brownies. They are ready to provide you with everything right from fluffy cakes to chocolate pastries. Chalk Farm is prominent for its 24-karat brownie that is chocolaty in the right places. They have many franchises in different parts of the country, and you can order them online too at their portal.


  • Plain Vanilla

This place is famous for its cupcakes, though the most underrated dish on their menu is the chocolate brownies. It is filled with almost 60-70% Belgian chocolate. Sounds tasty. They have their online portal. You can opt for the best- cupcakes and brownies together. Additionally, they have cherry rum brownies too! So, what are you waiting for!

Apart from these prime locations, several other locations provide the king of all desserts- brownies. Some areas in Singapore add their touch to the dish by customizing it. No matter how strict your diet is, brownies are the best cheat day dishes, and it is almost impossible to resist them. So, if you are having a bad day, go for a brownie!