Emergency disinfection ambulance care service in this pandemic!

The emergency disinfection ambulance care service, purposes to provide relief to people in urgent situations, transporting the prey to a location closer to care. Locomotion or removal of patients in ambulances, it can assist in the spread of bacteria and even their pollution. Currently, the control of infectious diseases has become increasingly hard due to the evolution of microorganisms by hydrogen peroxide disinfectant. Therefore, due to the mobility of sick people in ambulances, disinfection is necessary to decrease and even eliminate pathogens. Here we have some pointers for emergency disinfection service.

Disinfection Services

Culture mediums

The culture media used for the trial were ASD and Bloodless Soy TSA media, after preparation and sterilization, 25 mL of the medium is deposited on each plate. Petri dishes and hatched at 29°C for 24 hours.

Specimen collection

The collection process was performed three times, double in June and once in July. The collection seized place before and after disinfection on surfaces of mattresses, knobs, indicator bars, and ceilings. Disinfection was done by the nursing staff.


The collection was performed with sterile pads and inoculated into a test tube containing 5 mL of saline NaCl, 0.8%. After collection, pollution of any kind was avoided, so the material was related to the laboratory in isothermal boxes and the material was immediately cultured.

Mattress material collection

The mattresses were separated into 3 areas: headboard, middle, and feet, defined with quadrants measuring 100 cm2. This demarcation was placed in the ventral surface coating of the mattresses. Specimen collection was through the sterile swab by wiping right and left by spinning the swab within the quadrant.

Disinfection process performed by nursing staff

The disinfection technique done by the nursing team was observed. This process is to provide the consumer with security and also for healthcare professionals working in the movable unit. This method aims to reduce pathogenic bio agents by taking into explanation mechanical and chemical action, being essential basics for the disinfection procedure.