United States Immigration and the Removal of Conditional Residency

If the pair is still wed and participating after the two year period, they must file a form I-751, Joint Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, within 90 days before the duration finishes. This date is noted as the expiration day on the I-551 resident card. Although USCIS need to try to notify a conditional local at the start of the 90 day period, the truth that the conditional resident does not receive the notification will not be a protection to a person’s failing to prompt file the joint application. It is important to note that failure to submit within the 90 day duration might lead to a conditional resident instantly losing his/her condition and make him/her subject to removal.


The I-751 might be filed late if you are able to demonstrate great reason for the late filing and that the size of delay was sensible. Good reason implies that the candidates have to though they were not responsible or submitting late which the reasons for not filing in a timely manner and beyond their control.

While completing the I-751 is relatively easy, candidates ought to be aware that completing the kind does raise lawful problems which might subject the applicants to legal repercussions such as whether this was a sham marital relationship and its creation. If the candidates live apart they must give a description, or else USCIS will certainly think marital relationship scams and call for an interview.

Upon filing of the joint petition, a person’s conditional house standing is instantly prolonged for one year. If USCIS takes over a year to evaluate the request, after that USCIS ought to give paperwork of the prolonged condition for travel or employed functions in the kind of either a short-lived I-551 stamp in the ticket or a prolonged expiration day on Form I-94.

Once USCIS gets and evaluates the request, they may authorize or refute the request. If the request is denied, the conditional local might be positioned in removal procedures. The conditional resident might ask for evaluation of the denial by:

– Renewing the joint application before a migration judge;

– Requesting the area supervisor to certify the situation USCIS Administrative Seals Unit;

– Filing an activity to reopen by showing brand-new realities; or

– Filing a motion to reassess.

USCIS might additionally arrange a meeting if they believe marital relationship scams. If a meeting is scheduled, it must be arranged within 90 days of the filing of the request and the couple needs to go to the interview. Couples are strongly advised against most likely to the meeting without an experienced attorney. If you are set up for an interview, please call our offices to avoid the possibility for misuse for the USCIS Examiner and Get More Information.