Proper Approach to Load Fishing Line to a Spinning Reel

Loading fishing line is an easy process yet many encounter problems as soon as they load the reel with fishing line that is new.  You buy a reel that is new and line comes on when you go to put in the line you have someone stick a pencil and you start reeling the line on your 45 while they are holding it. The reel fills to where it is level with the lip on the reel and believes you have done a fantastic job. Once you go to throw your line comes off in a mess that looks something like a bird’s nest that is constructed. Let us start with tying the line to the reel spool this is a procedure that is simple so keep it like that. Tie a knot that is simple over hand and pull it tight. Put of line and tie a simple over hand knot and pull on the line.

Fishing Line

The knot you tied to your line’s end will close up against the knot as you pull on the line you tied on the spool and will tighten. You can trim the line that is left behind the knot and you are ready to begin filling the reel. Place the spool of Line back on the floor with the label side up. Now to where the spool of line is under the tip of your pole, you need to stand. Catch the line between fingers and thumb as you reel so that you can apply pressure. You wish to apply enough pressure as you reel but not so tight it makes the reel difficult to turn which you could feel the tension. Switch the reel begin applying the line after about turns of the stop and handle. If it needs to turn over the spool of line and then repeat this procedure line dangling from your rod tip should hang straight. Without bending the line should hang.

After you have got the Line without bending when you eliminate the strain of the line you hanging are ready to begin loading the reel spool. Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center Continue to apply enough pressure to the line with thumb and your index finger as you reel. When the line is inside an eighth of an inch of the lip that is a spool stop reeling and your reel is now loaded with line. If you are currently using a line say anything more than 25 pounds. Test you might choose to give yourself a bit more space between them and the line. You are now ready to you line and Begin fishing must remain on the reel annoying twist.