Newbie’s Guide to Feeding Bearded Dragons

Your bearded dragon needs a correct diet to be healthier. He is omnivorous which suggests he eats fresh fruits, greens, and also pests. This article will explain to you all that you should find out about feeding bearded dragons.

Healthy proteins

 For those who have a child or juvenile dragon, it is essential that you offer a good amount of health proteins in their diet. The excess protein is required to assist bone and tissue increase. As a result, be sure you supply babies and juveniles lots of pesky insects and vegetables. Mature dragons ought to have significantly less pests and a lot of vegetables and fruit.Bearded dragon food


There are a number of dubia roaches you could feed your bearded dragon. They involve crickets, earthworms, cockroaches, wax tart worms, and silk worms. It is finest to never feed wax worms too frequently simply because they’re high in excess fat. Also, silkworms have difficult exoskeletons; therefore you shouldn’t try and nourish these to youthful lizards. The pesky insects will not be bigger than the size involving the dragon’s eyes. In case the pest is simply too big, it could possibly cause a blockage, seizure, or malnourishment. It is possible to supply several pesky insects while he can try to eat in a quarter-hour. Ensure that you don’t depart any uneaten insects inside of the housing.


You must supply fresh vegetables daily. Among the most well-liked options include collard plants, dandelion green veggies, cabbage, cucumber, and peas. Also you can give your bearded dragon carrots, squash, green beans, and broccoli. Be sure to don’t get feed iceberg lettuce excessively. He is able to easily come to be hooked and it provides no dietary benefits.

Many fruits

It is also essential to give bearded dragon’s many fruits each and every day. Strawberries, mango, melons, apples, grapes, and pears are very good options. Other ideal many fruits include raspberries, peaches, and cantaloupe. Ensure that you don’t give your dragon lemons, grapefruits, or other acid fruits.