Metal pergola: Weighing out the options

With the millions of Designs available for the pergola, it took you to get the one that was perfect. And now that you have chosen the look, you are mulling to use. Let’s discuss the three popular options of the day wooden, metal and plastic and select on their advantages and disadvantages.


In the long term, the kind of building material for pergola is metal aluminum. While vinyl is the most expensive timber closely follows it. For aluminum costs may come to paint it a color of wood. For staining finishes wood incurs maintenance expenses. The wood is made by these and is advised to be done. The time vinyl will cost you additional when it must be replaced due to damage by an external force is. Most companies provide lifetime warranties on vinyl so check before purchasing a replacement what is covered.

pergola design


In regards to pergola design, wood is the material. You etch can cut and split it to the desire of your heart. You can modify beams but you would have to be careful not to crack it. A metal pergola can be altered with the perfect professionals and the equipment.


The simplest pergola to maintain is one. Sound, an occasional cleaning with water, soap, vinegar, or baking soda is all that is necessary to keep it free of mold or dust. Aluminum would be the ideal option for a metal pergola due to its rust-proof and lightweight attributes. When considering maintenance, a timber pergola is rated. Wood is vulnerable to termite infestations and rots. You can polish the wood but that is advisable if you intend to grow vines ones, in your pergola. Alternatively, choose cedar. As it does not have to be treated against insects it is the toughest and most timber out in the marketplace.


The material to use in a metal pergola is metal. Steel, aluminum and copper are durable and can withstand extreme temperatures. Although without being coated with a UV inhibitor, it is going to begin to fade in sunlight vinyl comes in a close second. Wood can last decades with upkeep that is continuous but it has an expiration date. These three substances in pergola structure is its property that is aesthetic. I leave you with that. Enable your opinion on the deal to close. After all, look is what could make or break your pride on the pergola project.