Leveraging Youth Potential for Social Impact

Among the most Players in the construction of a civil society is the childhood. It is estimated that young men and women account for one third of the planet’s population. The young people are the lively and instrumental in development and the development process of state, country, any community or society. There are people before, creating opportunities for economic, political and social prosperity. The 21st century is in need from abilities from the population’s survey. Towards becoming members of the society ranges from the scourges of poverty, ignorance and illiteracy which threaten the vibrance of people. On the governmental level is the occurrence of corruption and leadership in developing nations.

Youth Potential

Unfortunately, Morality which is the society’s basis is being short-changed for consumerism selfishness and individualism. The survival of the fittest is becoming the mantra for the financial culture of today. Values like camaraderie and cooperation among young people is viewed as outlandish. For some leaders that are educated, information is a leeway to electricity and egoism for subjugation. Economically, Resources intended for everybody is now all for one. Furthermore, self-acclaimed spiritual leaders, in the name of God, tear off the poor masses and enrich themselves with unthinkable material acquisitions thereby proving clearly Karl Marx’s expression that religion is the opium of the people. Global security is threatened by the insurgences from extremist groups. More sustainability is a challenge world leaders are currently making attempts to deal with, etc.

These societal Maladies will fester until we direct our focus on the generation’s young leaders. A society that denies its youths from developmental process and the development does so at its own risk. Thriving societies understand that through energy, the imagination, resourcefulness, personality, positivism and intellect of the 21st century childhood, the pace of transformation and development of a society is skyrocketed. A country finds her Motivation in young people’s dreams and hopes; a community grows through their involvement and participation; through their creative abilities and power, a society makes giant strides, and expertise economic development and general advancement. Young people must be given a seat in the decision making purviews of governance and policy. A world shaped without consultation and youth participation is a futile attempt.

Time and resources must be deployed into the training and capacity development of theĀ bashir dawood individuals of today. There’s a great reason for investment; we need not look far to find that the phenomenal feats and impact of young social change leaders internationally – that they live and work everywhere: in local communities, international platforms especially in politics, academics, entrepreneurship, development, innovation and technology, ecological sustainability amongst others. Some are currently conducting. Some are building systems, some enhancing processes and others influencing policies and creating change in their corner. The Atlas Corps Fellowship is an ideal example of an investment designed to enable today’s young leaders. Corporations, organizations, philanthropists, influence investors, policymakers, and influencers can take a cue and develop a strategic investment strategy to accelerate youth potential.