Instagram Likes And What It Really Means?

Well, the popularity of Instagram cannot be compared with any other social media. A new trend has started exploring that the Instagram likes should be kept hidden. Because of some past incidents in Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Italy and Ireland. Instagram is a traditionally used platform for social marketing and has a universe growing fan following. Here Instagram returns to its origins, focussing on imagination, spontaneity and storytelling.

How is sharing done?

Sharing will become less of sharing to get likes, and the amount of likes already occurring on a shared image or video will be granted only to worthy users rather than enjoying activities depending on who has already liked it. This move is also a platform-based means of addressing mental health issues. There’s been a lot of talk on the reasons social media is terrible for us and they all tend to come to the same conclusion: they affect our mental health adversely. Hiding likes is a measure Instagram (and Facebook) is taking to boost the consistency and health of the time users spent on their sites.

Although that is important for younger social media consumers, it is also a move that helps to defend the platform’s influencers who are being judged every day by a large number of people. The like-free universe appears to be here to live, and if you haven’t already adjusted your plan then you need to fast. While working with influencers, marketers must do their due diligence but rely on performance measures and content delivery while choosing influencers to partner with and evaluate campaign progress.

Instagram Likes and Follows

Things alter and feel like you own Instagram is really bad because you are owned by Instagram, actually. We are a company everyone. We are just a drug, whether we make money off it or not, and they monetise us every single day. Although on the other hand some influencers and celebrities argue that this will reduce interaction and make it more difficult to recruit brands. Yet some advertisers see this test as an incentive to step away from these vanity metrics, particularly as evaluation of audiences is getting more sophisticated.

Ways to get more likes:

  • Engaging with your Audience is a must-must!

If you structure associations with your subscribers, they’re bound to continue watching your work. Make it a habit to react to a majority of the comments and accept negative criticisms whole-heartedly.

  • Tag people and brands with your posts

It becomes quite important to tag your acquaintances and your favorite people along with other brands, with your posts. This is because their followers will also see your posts and this further increase your reach.


If you want that when your content appears to the feed users don’t go through scrolling, on the other they read it. But always try to make it clearer and less time consuming so that the user can get what exactly you want to tell them.

Enjoy your experience

Enjoy the moments of inspiration and recognition on Instagram and more likes via Just remember likes and followers are not the only things that should matter. Be humble, be you.